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Welness Formula reviewMy mother used to have the juice of Echinacea daily for staying fit and healthy. However, the juice had to be consumed quickly and keeping if for long was not advisable at all. I was aware about the numerous advantages of having Echinacea but I wanted to purchase its extract in a better form. I wanted something that could be preserved for long and was easy to use.
I have always trusted products from Source Natural, so I purchased the Source Naturals, Wellness Formula with Echinacea as it is available in the form of tablets. Popping a tablet is much easier, quicker, and safer. Every day I have 2 tablets of Echinacea and I have even made my husband have the tablet regularly. Since the day we started popping this dietary supplement, we are noticing numerous changes in ourselves. Our immunity system has built up as we are not catching cold or falling sick anymore! We can work for more hours as we are energetic for the complete day.
Echinacea has bought a dramatic change in our lifestyle. It is the best way to fight infections including common cold, flu, upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, vaginal yeast infections, tonsillitis, malaria, and many more. Other than infections, these tablets have even helped in reducing joint pains. I am suffering from rheumatism and I used to have high doses of steroids but since the time I started having these supplements, I have stopped steroids completely. This was a big relief for me as steroids are a part and parcel of several side effects. But now, no more side effects and no more steroids!
Echinacea has never failed to impress my parents and I am happy to add it as a dietary supplement for my family too. This product is the best way to fight with infections. Thank you Source Naturals for making this amazing product available in tablet form. However, it is not advisable for children to have this tablet. My kids keep getting cough and cold on a regular basis and I wish they come up with something for children too. Until then, I would keep recommending this amazing supplement to my friends.

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