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What is Napiers?

What is Napiers?

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Napiers: The Herbalists is one of UK’s leading names in natural health care. It was founded by Duncan Napier, who was the most famous herbalist in Scotland. Since 1860, the qualified practitioners of Napiers have been providing healthy and herbal options for curing ailments. Natural and herbal products have always been better in curing diseases as compared to drugs because they are free of side effects. This is the reason why Napiers Herbalists believes in using herbal medicines and other natural and organic therapies for treating numerous ailments.

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Herbs have been used for medicinal purposes since many decades. The main reason for people around the world believing in its medicinal properties is that it is 100% safe to use. Scientists have proved that herbs are viable treatments for many ailments. Moreover, they work well for curing diseases and are less expensive than drugs. As herbs do not have any side effects, people prefer using them. Due to these factors, Napiers herbs have gained immense popularity among the masses.

Whether you are suffering from a chronic disease, a mild flu, or are looking for some energy products, Napiers has a solution for all! All their products are prepared from herbs that are safe to use.

Some of their recommended blends are:

winter blend napiersWinter Blend: Most of us succumb to flu, cough, cold, and sore throats during winters, but it is really necessary? Can’t we enjoy our winters without having the fear of catching a cold? Whatever precautions a person takes, yet in those chilly months you are most likely to fall sick. So, what is the solution to solve this problem? Well, the solution is ‘Winter Blend!’ This is an herbal food supplement to ward off the winter ailments. Winter Blend has been specially designed to support the body and reduce the instance of numerous ailments that occur during winters.



stress blend napiersStress Blend: Do you know that stress can lead to many chronic diseases like heart ailments, depression, diabetes, and many more? So, it is extremely important to keep yourself free from stress. However, our busy lifestyle and work load do not let us stay without stress. This is the reason why Napiers Herbalists have developed a supportive food supplement that will keep your stress levels in control. This herbal supplement is aptly known as the “Stress Blend!”




brain boost blendBrain Boost Blend: Are you facing the problem of forgetting things? Is your child unable to concentrate in his studies? The solution for these problems is an herbal food supplement called as, “Brain Boost Blend.” This blend supports the brain and thereby improves the concentration level of the person. With the help of this supplement, the individual can work with full concentration and be successful in life.




Joint Support Blend napiersJoint Support Blend: For all those individuals who are suffering from joint and muscle pain, Napiers Herbalists have found an amazing solution to solve your problem. The Joint Support Blend is an herbal food supplement that provides support to the joints and improves the mobility of the person. This blend is a sure-shot formula for solving all your pains related to muscles and joints.





Good Night Blend NapiersGood Night Blend: Good Night Blend is a perfect supplement that is made with herbs for dealing with stress. Our work load makes us stressed and due to this we are unable to sleep well in the night. Without proper rest and sleep our body won’t be able to work accurately. Hence, it is necessary that we get sleep for at least 8 hours. Once you start having the Good Night Blend supplement you will notice a considerable change, as this herbal product encourages sleep and makes you energetic to work for the next day.



detox formula napiersDetox Formula: All of us are aware of the fact that fasting can help in reducing our excess body weight. However, most of us get confused between fasting and starving. We end up starving ourselves which makes our body weak and lethargic. So, to support your fasting with natural herbs, Napiers Herbalists have formulated a Detox Formula that will help to maintain a healthy balance in your body. This formula supports the digestive, lymphatic, and eliminatory functions of the body.



Other than the above-mentioned blends, Napiers Herbalists have formulated numerous formulas that can provide relief for anxiety, digestion, pregnancy, sinus, vision, and much more. Their all-natural varieties include:

Organic and natural medications for chronic disorders.
Natural therapeutic treatments for skin related problems.
Agricultural products for beauty
Plant supplements for health and wellness
Teas and superfoods for building the immunity power.

The list is endless! So, if you are looking for natural products that will not harm your body in any way, then check out the herbs that have been formulated by Napiers: The Herbalists. Their motto is the three Ts – tried, tested, and trusted; so you can trust them without thinking twice!

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