Radius, Pure Baby Toothbrush, 6-18 Months, Ultra Soft

Soft and gentle for my baby! Pure Baby Toothbrush !

pure baby tooth brush

My 9 months old daughter just disliked brushing her teeth. She used to keep crying during the brushing session. It was because of the new teeth that were growing or some other reason, but she used to make a lot of fuss while brushing. It was really difficult to clean her mouth and this was leading to bad breadth.
I was extremely tensed about the situation and while I was discussing about it with my friend, she suggested me to try Radius Baby Toothbrush. As I was tired of trying the other stuff, I thought of giving the toothbrush a try. I immediately placed an order on iHerb.com and I received a well-packed product much faster than I had expected.
On the first day of using the toothbrush my daughter began with her regular tantrums but as I kept brushing, she stopped crying and was actually enjoying the session. I was really shocked to notice the dramatic change in her. She was allowing me to clean her teeth and tongue easily and was not crying at all. That was such a big relief for me. It was then that I realized for so long we were using a wrong toothbrush and as Radius Baby Toothbrush was ultra soft and gentle so she was enjoying the brushing session.
Every day I even clean her tongue with this brush. It lasts really long and once I notice the bristles worn out, I place another order for the same toothbrush. Moreover, the company even has Radius Totz toothbrush for toddlers who are older than 18 months. So, I don’t have to worry about finding another toothbrush once my daughter is 18 months old. I would continue using this brand till they keep manufacturing for us.
As the bristles are made up of 100% castor bean vegetable-based nylon so I can use them without any worries. Moreover, it is BPA-free and Dye-free so there are no chances of encountering any side effects. Sometimes my daughter bites the handle too because of her teething but that’s alright… as I am free of worries.
I am extremely happy with my purchase and I keep thanking my friend for her suggestion. I would like to advice all parents of toddlers to try and understand the reason for your child’s behavior. There must be some problem with them for being fussy and acting in such a manner.
So, if you are unsatisfied with your baby’s toothbrush then try using Radius Baby toothbrush right away. This toothbrush is certainly going to satisfy your baby’s needs. And, for those parents who are looking out for a toothbrush for the first time, then this is going to be the perfect choice. Believe me; you will never buy any other brand after using this one.

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