Frequently asked questions

Why should we check your website?

Before purchasing any herbal supplement, you should check the reviews mentioned on our website as we have stated the advantages and disadvantages of each product. Usually, on ecommerce websites only pros are revealed to increase sales and this makes the buyer suspicious.

What do you mention in the reviews?

If you are hesitant to purchase any herbal products then check out our website! We provide a clear picture of each product by mentioning the pros as well as cons. This helps our clients to decide quickly by reading the detailed review of the products.

Which products do you review?

Our website only reviews products that are 100% natural. Herbal products are safe to use as they are free of negative side effects. Hence, we only mention about those products on our website that are absolutely safe and extremely effective.

Do you add new products regularly on your website?

Yes! Our team of experts keeps adding different varieties of herbal products on the website so that you can select from a range of products.

How do you review the products?

The reviews that we mention in our website have been written after testing each product personally. Our team of experts tries each product and then writes a review on them. So, these reviews are absolutely accurate.

Are there any special discounts for iHerb customers?

Certainly! If you are a proud iHerb customer then you can use our iHerb discount coupons and avail amazing discounts on all products listed on iHerb.com.

Do you sell herbal products?

No, we don’t! We have created this website only for providing important information about herbal products so that you can purchase them without any worries.

Is it necessary to consult a physician before using these products?

Absolutely! Our reviews are precise in every way; however, it is necessary to consult a physician before using any products. The products do not necessarily represent everyone’s experience as each individual has a different body.

Can I contact you for further details about a particular product?

Yes! Through our ‘contact us’ page you can get in touch with us and our experts will reply back to you within 24 hours.

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